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State Team Officials


Pre Tour


what is expected of you as an interstate official
interstate official appointments Click below for a copy of the role descriptions. All application are now done through an online form. This will be posted when there are current vacancies

Interstate Officials Roles

Interstate Official’s Guidelines and Protocols

officials appointment letter Once your appointment has been confirmed you and your school principal will receive an appointment letter.
officials pre event meeting SSWA holds a pre event meeting where all sports are invited. SSWA process and policies are discussed along with sport specific meetings which include decisions on travel arrangements, trial information, setting dates for subsequent meeting’s, completion of SSWA paperwork and officials uniforming
preparing for trials
nomination process Individuals will nominate to trial trough the SSWA website. A copy of the nomination will be sent to one of the interstate officials (as identified at the first meeting)
selection policy All sports are required to publish a Selection Policy prior to trials to explain the selection process. Please ensure your selection policy is accurate and adhered to.
medal winner policy Team Officials need to be aware of the process for selection of the team Medal Winner and this is to be documented at the bottom of the selection policy
school sport

Australia rules and guidelines

Please be aware of the SSA rules and guidelines for your sport before commencing trials. Copies of the rules and guidelines are published on the  School Sport Australia website.


selecting your squad
Team Announcement Once the squad has been selected it needs to be posted on the SSWA website. Click HERE for the template that is to be used for this announcement. Once completed please email the Team Announcement template to


travel arrangements
travel bookings The SSWA office coordinates all elements of travel for all teams. SSWA has a contracted travel agent (Rising Stars) who sources flights, accommodation and ground transport on behalf of SSWA. The SSWA Office will liaise with the travel agent and interstate officials to provide the team with sufficient travel requirements.

SSWA endeavours to provide self contained accommodation within a close proximity to the playing venue. Ground transport will be arranged to best suit the team. Flights will be sourced for the nominated travel dates. All of the travel arrangements are done in consultation with team officials. The options will be discussed at the initial officials meeting when the Action Timeline is completed.

SSWA will provide confirmations for all travel arrangements prior to departure.

travel options SSWA provides two options for flights and accommodation when travelling with a state team as follows;


Option 1 is the SSWA sourced flight

Option 2 is parent/other flight and can be frequent flyers or a cheaper internet fare – please note this option is the sole responsibility of the parent and an opt out fee of $50 is charged for Option 2


Option A is the SSWA selected accommodation (booked by the SSWA office)

Option B is accommodation booked and paid directly by the parent (this can be in the same hotel or staying with parents or family. If selecting option B parents are responsible for transporting players whilst on tour unless otherwise arranged).

insurance SSWA has travel insurance and personal accident insurance for all players and officials appointed to a SSWA state team. The personal accident insurance covers injuries that occur whilst away at the Championship or in a SSWA training session prior to departure. Please note that teachers are transferring their duties from school to SSWA so all workers compensation is cover by the Department of Education for government teachers. 
parent information meeting
purpose of meeting This is a key meeting scheduled in your ”Interstate Action Timeline“. A SSWA management member will be there to present parents with policy and return documentation and to answer any questions or concerns parents may have in regards to SSWA operations. Interstate Officials will be required to address parents in regards to sport specific requirements, trainings, expectations etc.
information booklet SSWA office staff will provide a sport specific ‘Information Booklet’ which is distributed to squad members & their parents at the evening to provide all policy and procedural information pertinent to accepting a place in the team.
travel and accommodation options SSWA office staff will provide parents with full details on the options available to team members. Parents have the option to book their own child’s airfare and accommodation however this will incur an opt out fee of $50.
team acceptance and returns paperwork The Information Booklet contains information on how to accept their place in the team. There is a 4 step process;

(1) complete the Online Registration Form on the SSWA website,

(2) complete the Team Acceptance Form and return to SSWA via fax (this form needs to be signed by the player, parent and school principal).

(3) complete the Online Uniform Order

The above steps must be completed within 5 working days.

(4) complete the payment via the website HERE

(cash or cheques will need to be paid to the manager)

The deposit must be completed within 15 working days.

walkout and playing uniforms OnTrack Sportswear is contracted by SSWA to provide the walkout and playing* uniforms for all sports.  Glenn and Paul Stockden from Victory Athletic are the WA representative and will be available to handle team try-ons and assist with ordering at the Parent Information Meeting. However it is the parents responsibility to take their order form home with sizes and place an online order within the timeframe specified.

Glenn’s contact details are: or 0431 636 214

The uniform ordering process;

  • The Manager/Tour Leader is responsible for booking Victory Athletic for the uniform fitting.
  • The fitting session ensures that each participant and official tries on each item and records his or her own size.
  • Student Order Forms will be distributed on the evening by Victory Athletic and a copy is included in the Information Booklet.
  • Parents are responsible for going onto the OnTrack Sportswear website to place the required uniform order.
  • Once the orders are submitted online there will be NO alterations or additions. If students want to purchase additional items they will be required to complete a subsequent order and pay for the delivery of the items to their own address.  Please note that there is no guarantee the items will arrive prior to travel.
  • OnTRack Sportswear will deliver the individually packed items to the nominated official prior to departure.

Notes for the officials;

All students are required to order the Compulsory uniforms (unless they have travelled before). The compulsory off field uniform is set at $255pp however additional items can be purchased through the ordering process. Playing uniform prices vary by sport.

*unless prior arrangement is agreed by SSWA management committee

raffle Raffle tickets will be available for parents to purchase at the Parent Information Meeting. Their details must be recorded by the manager on the raffle reconciliation form provided and they must be advised of return dates and fundraising legalities.


Raffle Process;


  • Each team member is offered the opportunity to be involved in fundraising through the participation in a centrally coordinated raffle
  • Each team member is offered up to four (4) raffle books.
  • The cost of the raffle books is $10ea (inc GST) which needs to be paid on receipt of the raffle books. No money no books!
  • The manager is required to keep a record of the ticket numbers and complete the raffle reconciliation form (provided by SSWA office)
  • The team manager will nominate a non negotiable return date.
  • If there are any remaining tickets when the return date arrives, the team member may place their name on the ticket and be eligible to win the prize
  • All books must be returned to the team manager (unstapled) for recording and forwarding to the SSWA office.
  • All tickets must be accounted for on the designated raffle reconciliation form – sold, unsold, lost etc with corresponding money amounts.
  • Ticket money is to be retained by the team member which assists them to defray championship costs.


  • To reconcile the raffle the manager needs to provide the SSWA office with a completed raffle reconciliation along with a statutory declaration form if a ticket or book is misplaced.
  • The timeline will be agreed with the SSWA to align with the Raffle closure dates.

Note: Team members are not obliged to participate in the raffle if they do not wish to.


SSWA code of behaviour SSWA has Codes of Behaviour which are included in the Information Booklet which is distributed at the Parent Meeting
finalising the team
team submission list Once your team has submitted their ‘Interstate Returns’ this information will be downloaded from the Online Registration Form and sent to the interstate officials in a document called a Team Submission List. The Team Submission List is a comprehensive document which included personal information, flight and accommodation options, medical details and parent information.

Once the Team Submission List is completed all flights and accommodation bookings will be confirmed. Strict deadlines apply due to terms and conditions of bookings. All bookings are handled by the SSWA office in liaison with interstate officials.

Copies of all Online Registrations will also be emailed to the manager so they can print a copy and take it with them.

student and school letters Official letters will be sent to both students and principals to acknowledge their inclusion in the state team.
host state bulletins Host states will forward bulletins to the SSWA office with event details such as timelines and costs. Office staff will then forward bulletins to all interstate officials. 
host state returns It is a School Sport Australia requirement for all teams to complete and return to the organising state ‘Host State Returns’.  The SSWA office will coordinate these returns once the team and travel arrangements are confirmed. The manager will be asked to check player details prior to them being sent. These include; Hosting Arrangement Form, Team List for Program & Checking Sheet, Officials Dinner Attendance, Student Umpire Form (if applicable);

Please note the Checking Sheet will be emailed to the manager before the team departs to take with them to the Pre-Event Meeting at the Championship.

team presentation evening
purpose of meeting The Presentation Night is a formal function with a purpose of congratulating the team, thanking all parties involved and presenting team members with their official uniform.   Please click HERE for a format sample.
tour information booklet A tour Information Booklet needs to be compiled and presented to the players at the Presentation Night.  The Tour Information Booklet contains information including; itinerary, meal planner, team song/chant, recovery plans, SSWA code of behaviour etc. Click here for a sample Tour Information Booklet. Please contact the SSWA office to obtain your individualised sports cover page for this booklet which can be copied and pasted into this template.
SSWA Office role at the function A member of the SSWA Management Committee will attend the Presentation Night to congratulate and wish the team well for the upcoming Championship
uniforms All uniforms will be distributed to team members
School sport Australia certificates SSA participation certificates will be presented to all team members
guest speaker Most sports organise a guest speaker from their sport to encourage their team in the competition ahead
money collection It is a chance for the manager to collect any fees that are outstanding from parents before the event. Please note all accounts MUST be paid in full prior to departure unless otherwise negotiated with the SSWA office
raffle ticket collection All raffle tickets MUST be returned by/at this function to ensure that manager has time to complete their reconciliation
team photo A team photo will be taken at this event. SSWA has an agreement with Pro Photo Booth to take all team photos. The manager is responsible for contacting Adam at Pro Photo Booth Photography on 0428 754 559 and booking him in for the Team Presentation Evening and arranging for collection of prints. SSWA’s recommendation is to collect the photos (with the assistance of a parent) and distribute at Perth airport to minimise postage.
Interstate Medal You have the option to order a interstate medal to present to each student at the presentation evening. Medals will have to be included into your budget. Please CLICK HERE to order medals.
Interstate Medal smaller
before you go
finance meeting Ensure you have met with the SSWA Finance Officer to go through outstanding invoices, contingency and collect living allowances
team checking sheets Ensure that you have a signed team checking sheet (supplied by the SSWA office) to be handed to the SSA National Secretary at the Pre-Event Meeting at the Championship
medical action plans Ensure that all students within the team that have a medical condition have a current student health care plan in line with Department of Education’s health care policy. Contact the SSWA office for further details
mobile phone policy A copy of the SSWA Policy can be found HERE.
ADDITIONAL ITEMS Collect from the SSWA badges, luggage tags, water bottles, caps and host state thank you gift from the office prior to departure
officials  allowance This will be paid by Direct Debit prior to departure.
equipment Collect any further required equipment i.e. balls, water carriers etc.
media release SSWA will send a media release to all community newspapers and coordinate contacts with parents/officials as required

On Tour



whilst on tour
travel issues If you experience any travel issues (flight delays or concerns with accommodation etc) please contact the SSWA office. The office is here to assist you in resolving any issues relating to travel. We also like to be kept in the loop if you are delayed or have problems whilst away on tour.
accidents & incidents Whilst away any incidents must be reported to SSWA and the incident report form must completed and forwarded to the SSWA Office. Please click HERE to complete the online Incident Report Form.
excursions SSWA ensures that all interstate teams follow the Department of Education’s excursions policy. An Excursion Management Plan will be completed by the SSWA office to comply with the excursions policy, this will be published on the Risk Management tab for your sport.
social media SSWA has a Facebook page and we would like all sports to post photos and reports on how teams are performing while away. Managers will be given access to the account through the SSWA office before departure.
keep in touch Keep the SSWA office up to date on how the team is doing. We like to celebrate your successes too.

Post Tour


results All daily results are posted on the School Sport Australia website.
media Don’t forget to give your team the plug they deserve. There’s nothing better than getting your name in the paper or on the radio.
STAFF SURVEY We value the opinions of our officials involved in our Interstate Program. This feedback will be used to enhance future tours and we thank you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts.

Please click HERE to complete the Online Survey

POST CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT This report is to be submitted online within 2 weeks of your return and prior to your final meeting with SSWA. This data is important to SSWA as it indicates data for SSWA statistics and information for the Presentation Dinner.

Please click HERE to complete




PRe Tour
RECEIPT & DEPOSIT BOOKS Liaise with the Finance Officer to arrange collection of your Receipt and Deposit books.
 Trial Money Most players pay for their trial fee upon nomination via the website. Please contact the Finance Officer for a list to cross check.

For those participants who have not paid via the website please collect their trial fee (cash or cheque only) and receipt it.

(a bulk receipt for trials is acceptable eg. 32 x $20 = $640 banked)

Ensure all trial money is banked

 Raffle Receipt the payment of Raffle Book payments and complete the Bank Deposit
Bank deposits Each time you collect money you must go to the bank the next available business day, due to Insurance reasons, and promptly email the completed Bank Deposit Form to
team preparation Team Preparation Expenses eg. Equipment, training costs, venue hire etc


Ensure invoices for purchases are addressed to SCHOOL SPORT WA, are a TAX INVOICE and have Supplier’s ABN


The invoice must be sent to the appropriate official, for approval via a completed Payment Request Form. Both the payment request form and the invoice to be forwarded to the SSWA Office for payment or reimbursement.


All costs must be included in the budget and approved by a Manager/Tour Leader

budget And invoicing Manager/Tour Leader must meet with Finance Officer, to prepare the Tour Budget


Come prepared with a list of expenses both pre tour and whilst on tour. It is important that all expected expenses are included in the budget. Additional expenses may not be added to the budget once finalised.


Final budget meeting is held at least eight weeks prior to travel, a Budget and Team Finance is completed in consultation with the Finance Officer.


Breakdown of payments (included in the above form) is prepared by Tour Leader and emailed to Finance Officer for approval


Invoices sent out by Finance Officer once the budget is approved. Payment required two weeks prior to departure


Unfinancial students who do not have a Payment Agreement in place will not be permitted to travel


Manager/Tour Leader to liaise with Finance Officer if a Payment Agreement is needed


It is the Manager’s responsibility to chase up outstanding payments

on tour
 Travel Card A Travel Money Card will be issued for use on team expenses whilst on tour. This is to be treated as cash. Please select “Credit” and enter the PIN provided.
 Tax Invoices A TAX INVOICE must be kept for all expenditure, it must have the supplier’s ABN, date, company name and address on it.

NB: A print out from a credit card machine or ATM is not acceptable and cannot be reimbursed.

 Monitoring Expenditure Keep track of your expenditure whilst on tour, using the Expenses Reconciliation Spreadsheet.
POST tour
ReconCiliation Meet with the Finance Officer within two weeks of returning from tour, with the Expenses Reconciliation Spreadsheet  FULLY completed and submitted electronically
receipts All receipts and tax invoices  must be neatly attached to A4 paper in purchase order.
REceipt and deposit books These must be returned to the SSWA Office at the Post Tour meeting along with the completed Receipt and Deposit Book Reconciliation