Who to Contact

 CoordinatorJason Reid Bunbury CGS[email protected]


South West School Sport WASouth West School Sport WA (SWSSWA) is an organisation of school teachers whose principle purpose is to promote and coordinate sporting competitions for school students at a regional level. Carnivals are implemented through a part time sports coordinator liaising with member schools providing opportunity for students and encourages maximal participation in a range of quality sporting programs. The extent and intensity of the competition is varied and based on the experience, skill level, maturity and interest of the students.
Membership Requirements

Schools wishing to take part in any sporting carnival conducted by SWSSWA must adhere to the following requirements;

  1. Participate in two planning meetings per calendar year. New schools must attend two meetings prior to nominating for their first carnival.
  2. Pay relevant membership fees:
    1. Affiliation fee PLUS
      1. One day teacher relief for schools participating in only one event
      2. Two day’s teacher relief for schools participating in two or more events
      3. Schools will be notified of fee variations at end of year planning meeting.
  3. Pay relevant carnival fees
  4. Comply with all organizational requirements for each carnival.
  5. Comply with School Sport WA Code of Conduct for staff, students, and parents.
  6. Provide support for South West School Sports Coordinator.
Student Eligibility

Schools are required to adhere to School Sport WA guidelines for age cut-offs

Misconduct will result in a code of conduct: Incident Report