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Friday 19th March (Week 7, Term 1)


$75.00* per team
Subject to change dependent on nomination numbers


Arranged by schools


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competition details

A new format will be introduced for 2021 which will consist of two tiers of competition for nomination. The Champion Schools Trophy Competition will remain along with the Shield finals. The new addition will be Regional Pennants which will be a similar format to the COVID affected competition run in 2020.

Teams looking for a less competitive environment may wish to opt for the Regional Pennants competition which only run in Term 2. Locally nominated groups will compete in four Perth metropolitan regions (North West, North East, South West, South East) with a round robin group stage. If there are more than 2 groups per region then a play off final will occur. The winner of the group or the final will be declared Regional Champion.

Champion Schools will operate in group stages Term 2 with the top 16 boys teams and top 8 girls teams moving into the Champion Schools knockout rounds in Term 3. The remaining teams from the group stages will then move into the Shield knockout rounds in Term 3. There will be Grand Finals for both these competitions at the end of Term 3. Please note Specialist Schools ‘A’ teams will be included in group stages and no longer separated into a “top tier” group.

In summary:

Champions Schools Trophy: Teams placed into geographical groups of five or six in Term 2. The top 16 (girls top 8) based on group results will move the knockout round 1 in term 3 (e.g if 8 groups then top 2 from each group). Specialist schools ‘B’ teams included in group stages.

Champion Schools Shield: The remaining teams from Champions Schools groups move into the Shield knockout stage in Term 3.

Regional Pennants: Teams placed into regional groups of 4, 5 or 6during Term 2. The competition is a group stage only with finals if more than one group per region. Specialist schools ‘C’ and ‘D’ teams included.

Nominations: Friday 19th March (Week 7, Term 1).

Champions School Trophy and Shield Competition

Group Stages: Monday 19th April – Friday 25th June (Week 10, Term 2)

Knock Out Rounds: Monday 19th July – Wednesday 1st September (Week 7, Term 3)

Grand Finals: Monday 13th September – Wednesday 15th September (Week 9, Term 3)

Regional Pennants

Group Stages: Monday 19th April – Friday 25th June (Week 10, Term 2)

Finals (if needed): Monday 28th June – Friday 2nd July (Week 11, Term 2)

Junior Boys Year 7 – 8 (Under 14 as of the 30th June)
Junior Girls Year 7, 8 & 9 (Under 15 as of the 30th June)
Intermediate Boys Year 9 – 10 (Under 16 as of the 30th June)
Senior Boys Year 11 – 12 (Under 19 as of the 30th June)
Senior Girls Year 10, 11 & 12 (Under 19 as of the 30th June)

2021 Competition Booklet – click HERE
2021 Referee Allocation information – click HERE [TBA]


Monday 13th September:

12.30pm Junior Boys Shield 

2pm Junior Girls Shield 

3.30pm Junior Girls Champion Schools 

5pm Junior Boys Champion Schools

Tuesday 14th September:

2pm Intermediate Boys 

3.30pm Senior Boys Shield 

5.30pm Intermediate Boys Champion Schools 

Wednesday 15th September:

2pm Senior Girls Shield 

4pm Senior Girls Champion Schools 

6pm Senior Boys Champion Schools 

Playing times for Grand Finals

2 x 40 minutes     5 mins half time            Senior Boys and Senior Girls. 

2 x 35 minutes     5 mins half time            Intermediate Boys 

2 x 30 minutes     5 mins half time            Junior Boys and Junior Girls 


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