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The information in this section is for all SSWA appointed Sport Coordinators. It is to give you a step-by-step guide to how we operate our Champion Schools competitions and the timeframes the office needs to coordinate financial aspects. Please read through what we have outlined as PRE, DURING or POST event along with the FINANCE requirements. If you think there is any information that isn’t currently listed and would be helpful for other Sport Coordinators please email the office on
SPORT COORDINATOR APPOINTMENTS SSWA appoints Sport Coordinators for a 2 year term at the Annual General Meeting in March/April each year. See the ‘FORMS’ page for a copy of the Nomination Form & Roles & Responsibilities
COORDINATOR’S APPOINTMENT LETTER Once your appointment has been confirmed you and your school principal will receive an appointment letter.
COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Names of confirmed committee members for your sport including State Sporting Association representatives need to be finalised. An SSWA Office or Management The Sport Coordinator is required to meet with the SSWA Office at least twice during the year.There is a POST EVENT AND PLANNING MEETING. It should be held within 1 month of the completion of the Champion Schools Event to finalise the current year’s event and plan for the following year.A PRE-EVENT MEETING needs to be conducted where a timeline, competition format, rules, and risk management all need to be discussed and finalized to ensure that every thing is in place for the year.Committees may need to meet on other occasions to ensure successful operation. These meetings are also designed to ensure full knowledge of SSWA policy, as it applies to the management and coordination of an SSWA Champion Schools Competition See ‘FORMS’ page. Please ensure meeting minutes are recorded and forwarded to SSWA. Representative is allocated to assist you with your sport.
CONFIRMATION OF DATESDates of the event/s need to be finalized including fixture rounds and finals.
Please take into account past timelines for your events, school testing calendars and other SSWA events including interstate Competitions before finalising your timeline.See the ‘FORMS’ page for the Champion Schools Action Time Line

When you know the details for your sport please provide us with updates following the instructions below.

  • Copy your sport page from the website and paste it into a word document.
  • Edit all required fields and mark them in RED.
  • Email over the saved file to so we can start updating the sport pages.
  • When updates have been done please check that all information is correct.
  • Email with any further updates that you require
BUDGET DEVELOPMENTThe Sport Coordinator is responsible for preparing the champion schools budget in consultation with the SSWA Finance Officer. Please see the ‘Finance’ tab for more information

Our preferred option is for you to order medals & shields through the office which also includes engraving.
Medals – $5 each Small Shields – $15 each Large Shields – $20 each

If you require medals or shields please CLICK HERE to place an order.

SOCIAL MEDIA SSWA would like to advertise information relating to Champion School events through our social media pages; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please ensure you forward details about your event and photos, so they can be published. Please note SSWA can give Sport Coordinators access to these pages with editing rights, if needed.
MEETINGS Convene any meetings as required through out your competition
INCIDENT REPORT FORM All incidents need to be reports to the SSWA office using the appropriate SSWA INCIDENT REPORT Form – See ‘FORMS’ page
RESULTS Please ensure that results are submitted to the SSWA Office for publishing, as required and in a timely manner. We can publish through the website ongoing results for competitions, if required
POST EVENT MEETING At the conclusion of your event a Post Event meeting should be held to discuss the event and plan for the next year. SSWA office staff should be made aware of and attend these meetings.
END OF SPORT REPORT SSWA requires all Sport Coordinators to complete the below Post Event Report at the conclusion of your event. See ‘FORMS’ page for End of Sport Report
BUDGET RECONCILIATION The Sport Coordinator is responsible for reconciling the champion schools event in consultation with the SSWA Finance Officer. Please see the ‘Finance’ tab for more information.
HONORARIUM Sport Coordinators will be entitled to their Honorarium once the event has been financially reconciled and the End of Sport Report has been completed. There is a Statement by Supplier form that needs to be signed to finalise this payment.

Make a budgeting appointment with the Finance Officer at least 2 months before the commencement of the competition.

At this meeting you will need all projected figures for running the carnival i.e. shields, venue, sports medicine etc. A template of the budget form is below.

Once both the Sport Coordinator and Finance Officer are satisfied with the budget, it will be presented to the SSWA Finance Committee.


Champion Schools Invoice template (below) includes contact names, schools and number of teams including those that withdrew. The Finance Officer needs purchase order numbers, if known.

The Champion Schools Invoice template needs to be submitted to Finance Officer as soon as final numbers are confirmed (One day carnivals – 1 week after distribution of fixtures & Round Robin competitions after the first week of scheduled fixtures).

A due date will be set with the Finance Officer at your Budget meeting.

Withdrawals – Schools will be charged if they withdraw late. The rule of thumb is once fixtures are completed and a school withdraws, they are to be charged the FULL nomination fee.


All suppliers need to send their invoices directly to the Sport Coordinator who will approve them for payment.

  •  Hard Copy Tax Invoice – complete the Payment Request Form (below) and return the form and invoice to the Finance Officer
  • Electronic Invoice – forward the electronic invoice to the Finance Officer with written approval for payment in the body of the email
  • If you don’t receive a tax invoice a Statement By A Supplier form needs to be completed including the supplier’s name, the reason you required them, the amount and also the account it refers to (eg Boys, Girls, Primary, Secondary, Champion Schools)

All paperwork and invoices need to be signed then faxed or emailed to the Finance Officer for payment

RECONCILIATIONSOne month after the conclusion of the event all invoices and event expenses need to have been submitted for payment. The actuals column of the Champion Schools Budget will be completed by the SSWA Office. There will be a window of two weeks for the Sport Coordinator to chase up any outstanding invoices.
A due date for the Reconciliation will be set at the initial Budget Meeting.  After the Reconciliation has been completed the final Profit/Loss statement will be presented the SSWA Finance Committee.

Champion Schools Budget & Invoicing

Statement by a supplier form

Umpire Claim Form