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Interstate Hockey 15s Girls 3rd Phase Trial Announcement

  Congratulations to the following students who have made it through to the 3rd trial for the Hockey Girls 15
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Interstate AFL 12s Girls Phase 2 Trial Announcement

Congratulations to the following players who have progressed through to the second round of trials for the AFL Girls 12s
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Interstate Hockey 12s Girls Phase 3 Trial Announcement

Congratulations to the following students who have made it through to the 3rd trial for the Girls Hockey 12s team.
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“Success was not measured by wins or losses but by team and individual development - which was significant. My daughter’s experience was one of personal growth and affirmation and she is a better player for it.”
-2023 Soccer 18s Girls Parent-
“Our son gave it a ten out of ten and wants to train harder to try and do even better next year. As parents we were very appreciative of the time and support of all the coaches and everyone involved”
-2023 Cross Country Parent-
“I loved hanging out with friends in a competitive and challenging environment, trying to support them to achieve their goals. Also winning several medals was a great experience, I am now able to think of myself as a nationally competitive athlete.”
-2023 Swimming Athlete-
“It was an amazing trip,very rewarding and a-lot of fun. I would 100% do It again and recommend to others as it was one of the best weeks I have ever had.”
2023 Soccer 18s Girls Athlete-
“It was our first time attending the event with our son competing in the U14/15 year old boys XC. We loved everything! Great organisation by SSWA and ACT as host. Track was great, weather even better, Lovely group of kids and families we were travelling with. Loved the education experience also - possibly more than the kids did!!”
-2023 Cross Country Parent-
“My daughter had a great time and created some lovely memories. She achieved her personal performance goals in the competition which boosted her confidence.”
-2023 Basketball 12s Girls Parent-
“It was super fun and I loved it. Although it might be stressful at times, it was really enjoyable. Everyone was nice and played fare. I would love to do it again.”
-2023 Basketball 12s Athlete-
“Extremely happy with our son's experience. Coach Gunnis was amazing, couldn't have asked for a better role model for our son. We loved every moment of it, so proud of our teams that represented WA.”
-2023 Basketball 12s Boys Parent-
“I could not have been more impressed with the preparation, communication and support. Botts & James were so good with the boys. All the boys looked up to them and listened every time they spoke. My son's hockey also improved immensely over the period he was training and competing. After the tournament Botts and James spoke to the boys individually and also to the parents individually and discussed areas that the boys could improve or work on to give them a more rounded game.”
-2023 Hockey 12s Parent-
“What a wonderful opportunity these children have been provided with, it's both an honour and a privilege to have been involved.”
-2023 Hockey 12s Girls Parent-
“U15 girls coaches/manager were super nice and very knowledgable. Great team dynamics for the U15 girls team and a great opportunity to go to NT and explore Darwin. Great competition and great displays of sportsmanship during the tournament from all states.”
-2023 Touch Football Parent-
“Friendship's, mates and great bond between players and families. Great playing location. Boys worked hard in every game and came off the pitch knowing that they gave their all. Rehab has now been integrated into recovery sessions at home (great work!).”
-2023 AFL 12s Boys Parent-
“Coaching staff were amazing, Narrelle was an absolute asset ensuring the week ran smoothly. My daughter already misses the high standard of coaching and expectations.”
-2023 AFL 12S Girls Parent-
“Overall, the communication & experience was excellent. The team officials including the coaches, manager and team support staff did an outstanding job devoting so much of their own time. They were approachable, expert coaches and any questions were answered promptly. The time in Ballarat was well organised and the team was well prepared and looked after. It's always a challenge for country students (even when they board), thankfully the coaching staff were very supportive and understanding about what our child could attend.”
-2023 AFL 15s Boys-
“Watching the girls rally behind each other and support each other regardless of the game result was awesome. The friendship that grew with the girls from NT and ACT was simply magical and exactly what school sport should be about. My daughter's face lit up with joy when she spoke to her coaches John and Walter - she learnt so so much from them. I was able to watch my daughter develop as a cricketer when faced with all sides of the game, especially when it wasn't her day. There was no blame when the girls made errors in the game, this was a true highlight and credit to Walter and John”
-2023 Cricket 12s Parent-
“Team communication and support was very good as everyone was supportive of each other and everyone got along well with each other. A highlight for me was placing second in the tournament and winning a medal. There’s wasn’t really any lowlights. Even when we lost the finals to NSW everyone had their heads up high as we still placed second.”
-2023 Volleyball Athlete-
“The friendships and comradery, especially with the ACT boys was such a highlight. I felt the team competed to the best of their skills and abilities the whole time. They will all be better baseballers for it. The opening and closing ceremonies were also a special experience, to be part of the SSWA team full stop was the best highlight.”
-2023 Baseball Parent-
“Communication was very good with weekly updates before we left. I felt I knew what was expected of me and very supported by the SSWA staff. The extra coaching sessions on open water swimming and cycling were so important and valued. I got so much out of attending them. It was a great week of getting to know new people and racing against other states. Opened my eyes to the possibilities ahead and inspired me to keep training and striving for my personal best. It was Inspiring, exciting, and fulfilling. I hope I make them team again sometime in the future.
-2023 Traithlon/Aquathlon Athlete-
“As Chloe emphasised to the athletes and families many times, this was to be an 'overall experience' for the kids - not just competition, but travelling and staying as a team, working together, supporting one another, being trusted with a degree of independence, and so on. This was all very well executed by the SSWA team, and a fantastic experience for a 13yo first-timer!”
-2023 Triathlon/Aquathlon Parent-