State Cross Country Team Announcement

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the 2021 CROSS COUNTRY team.


A parent meeting and uniform fitting is to be held on Thursday 3rd June at Tuart College in Tuart Hill.  This meeting is to be held in the Refectory (see map) which is next to the WA Football Commission.  Please park in the carpark that comes off Grenville Street.  Reserves are expected to attend as well.  Please see below timetable of evening:

5.00PM                  Uniform Fitting                     10 – 13 Years Olds
5.30PM                  Parent Meeting                    All Team Members and Parents
6.00PM                  Uniform Fitting                     14 – 17 Years & Over

10 Years Boys Austin Saratsis All Saints’ College
10 Years Boys Charlie Killoh St Mark’s ACS
10 Years Boys Elijah Griffiths Padbury CPS
10 Years Boys Lucas Metcalf West Leederville PS
10 Years Boys Jack Harris Swanbourne PS
10 Years Girls Kaydee Van Deventer Newman College
10 Years Girls Shy’Kyla Narrier St Simon Peter CPS
10 Years Girls Tori Stancombe West Greenwood PS
10 Years Girls Charlotte Hayward Helena College
10 Years Girls Amelia Nuttman Applecross PS
11 Years Boys Sam O’Sullivan Glengarry PS
11 Years Boys Jaison Jaschinsky St. Andrew’s CPS
11 Years Boys Archer Jouana Sorrento PS
11 Years Boys Cooper Hornblow Huntingdale PS
11 Years Boys Bo Watters Marmion PS
11 Years Girls Madison Mills Maida Vale PS
11 Years Girls Laila O’Connor Ranford PS
11 Years Girls Clarise van Niekerk Methodist Ladies’ College
11 Years Girls Lacey Jenkin Carine PS
11 Years Girls Ava Rodgers East Fremantle PS
12 Years Boys Benjamin O’Sullivan Duncraig SHS
12 Years Boys Connor Hoggart St Stephen’s Carramar
12 Years Boys Eli Saratsis All Saints’ College
12 Years Boys Harrison Skipper Willetton SHS
12 Years Boys Ashton Nichols Corpus Christi College
12 Years Girls Sasha Pallis John XXIII College
12 Years Girls Keira Patterson Lake Joondalup Baptist College
12 Years Girls Isabella Neervoort Iona Junior School
12 Years Girls Amity Dudley Woodland Grove Primary School
12 Years Girls Esther Ferguson Melville SHS
13 Years Boys Noah McEntee Sacred Heart College
13 Years Boys Barnaby Lancaster-Simper St James’ Anglican School
13 Years Boys Max Buiks Corpus Christi College
13 Years Boys Callum Asling Quinns Baptist College
13 Years Boys Harrison Warrick Newman College
13 Years Girls Ava Henville Mount Lawley Senior High School
13 Years Girls Emily Anderson Darlington Primary School
13 Years Girls Lyla Stewart John XXIII College
13 Years Girls Anna Colgan St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
13 Years Girls Georgia Candy La Salle College
14 Years Boys Luke Thompson Lake Joondalup Baptist College
14 Years Boys Noah Humberstone Hale School
14 Years Boys Jonah Hanikeri Christ Church Grammar School
14 Years Boys Caleb Di Toro Aquinas College
14 Years Boys Owen Hewitt Trinity College
14 Years Girls Sienna Hathrill Iona Presentation College
14 Years Girls Christi Bestry Geraldton Grammar School
14 Years Girls Isabella Bidesi Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
14 Years Girls Nicole Chamberlain Geraldton Grammar School
14 Years Girls Beth Kilgallon Peter Moyes AS
15 Years Boys Declan Somers Canning Vale College
15 Years Boys Ky Hehir CBC Fremantle
15 Years Boys James Chansbury Perth Modern School
15 Years Boys Jessie Hollins Bunbury Senior High School
15 Years Boys Bailey Taig Quinns Baptist College
15 Years Girls Luca Du Toit Home School
15 Years Girls Chloe Reeve Quinns Baptist College
15 Years Girls Cassiana Papadoulis Carine SHS
15 Years Girls Talia Edgar Applecross SHS
15 Years Girls Mary-June Quinn Applecross SHS
16 Years Boys Darren Fernandez Corpus Christi College
16 Years Boys Joshua Neervoort Christ Church Grammar School
16 Years Boys Joshua Fletcher Carine Senior High School
16 Years Boys Nathaniel Taylor ISWA
16 Years Boys Tom Millard Aquinas College
16 Years Girls Sienna Hanikeri Presbyterian Ladies’ College
16 Years Girls Tilly Banfield St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
16 Years Girls Charli-Rose Carlyon St Mark’s Anglican Community School
16 Years Girls Elizabeth Edwards John XXIII College
16 Years Girls Velvet Goodwin St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
17 Years & Over Boys Samuel Holroyd Peter Moyes ACS
17 Years & Over Boys Ethan Wyatt-Smith Aquinas College
17 Years & Over Boys David Smith Corpus Christi College
17 Years & Over Boys Luca Di Toro Aquinas College
17 Years & Over Boys Henry Davis Christ Church Grammar School
17 Years & Over Girls Madelyn Luscombe Quinns Baptist College
17 Years & Over Girls Ashleigh Candy La Salle College
17 Years & Over Girls Ruby Paterson Perth Modern School
17 Years & Over Girls Josie Wilson Iona Presentation College
17 Years & Over Girls Lily Mather Methodist Ladies’ College


State Team Reserves

10 Years Boys Kai Bennett Wembley Downs PS
10 Years Girls Erin Connolly Halidon primary school
11 Years Boys Tighe Wynne St. Andrews
11 Years Girls Serena Healy Richmond PS
12 Years Boys Lewis O’Hare Quinns Baptist College
12 Years Girls Olivia McCay Emmanuel Catholic College
13 Years Boys Lachlan Mammana Trinity College
13 Years Girls Jemima Stagg Penrhos College
14 Years Boys Matthew Dodds Lake Joondalup Baptist College
14 Years Girls Amelie Erskine Duncraig SHS
15 Years Boys Dante Armstrong Irene McCormack Catholic College
15 Years Girls Hannah Kennedy Foundation Christian College
16 Years Boys James Hart Newman College
16 Years Girls Eva Czislowski Shenton College
17 Years & Over Boys Oscar Clements Scotch College
17 Years & Over Girls Vanessa Miller Rossmoyne Senior High School




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