All participating team members have the option of paying $10.00 for one SSWA raffle book. Raffle books comprise 50 tickets per book and are sold @ $2 per ticket. A raffle book will realise a net profit return of $90.00. 

An initial maximum of four raffle books per person will be permitted; however, more books may be accessed if required. The cost of the raffle books ($10 per book) will be added to the final invoice.  All monies raised are to be used by the player to contribute towards his/her final payment. All tickets, unstapled, must be returned prior to travel.

Note: It is not compulsory to sell raffle tickets. Any team member who does not wish to participate in the raffle is not obliged to do so.

The raffle complies with Department of Racing and Gaming rules and guidelines

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Please note $10 per book will be added to your final invoice.