School Sport Australia Championships
Hervey Bay, Queensland
Date: Tuesday 6 September to Friday 9 September


  1. Up to 6 males and 6 females will be considered for selection in each age category.
    Age categories are as follows:
    Juniors – 12 / 13 years (born 2009/2008)
    Intermediates – 14 / 15 years (born 2007/2006)
    Seniors – 16 / 17 / 18 years (born 2005/2004/2003)
  2. Age criteria for racing at the National Championships are determined as the age on 31st December 2022.
  3. Team members are required to be a full-time student at a secondary school or institution (eg. TAFE) in 2022.


    The following events will be used as selection races:
   (i) Date: Thursday 4th November, 2021
         Event: State Schools Triathlon Championships
          Venue: Champion Lakes
            Juniors – 300 / 11 / 2 *
            Intermediates – 600 / 16 / 4
            Seniors – 750 / 21 / 5

  (ii) Date: Sunday 12th December 2021
         Event: City of Joondalup Coastal Quest
          Venue: Whitfords Nodes, Hillarys
           Juniors – 250 / 7 / 2
           Intermediates – 250 / 7 / 2
           Seniors – 750 / 20 / 5

  (iii) Date: Sunday 6th February 2022 
       Event: Foreshore Triathlon
        Venue: Bell Park, Rockingham Foreshore
         Juniors – 200 / 10 / 2
         Intermediates – 200 / 10 / 2
         Seniors – 750 / 20 / 5

* School Sport WA recognises that this distance is shorter than that required to be raced at National level in this age group. However, in order to abide by the Triathlon Australia restricted junior race distances for 12 year olds, the race distance for 13 year olds must also be reduced to enable comparability of performance.

NB. * School Sport WA accepts no responsibility for these selection races not being of accurate distance due to the organisation by private race directors. Parents / Guardians are responsible for entering their child in these selection races. School Sport WA or the child’s school are not able to enter individuals.

 1.  The selection committee will select each age group team in the following order of priority:
       (a). automatic selections
       (b). points achieved at selection events
       (c). wildcard to top national and state competitors if results are considered good enough and if unable to compete in selection races (written application)
      (d). nil race results (written application)

2.  Automatic selection to the team will be determined as follows:

Placing first or second in the State Schools Triathlon Championships at Champion Lakes – Thursday 4th November, 2021, providing these athletes continue to:

 (i) Race regularly in the TWA Series and Junior Series races during the 2021/22 season.

* Students living outside the metropolitan area and unable to attend TWA races, need to advise the team management in writing of their race schedule and provide a club race calendar.

 (ii) Attend scheduled training sessions or team events.

3.  Points for the events will be awarded for performances as follows:
      (i)    1st   =  10 points
             2nd  =  7 points
             3rd  =  5 points
             4th  =  3 points
             5th  =  2 points
            6th   =  1 point
            7th   =  0 points

Points will be given to those competing in the race who have applied for selection in   the team.

  (ii)  Points will be cumulative to a maximum of two events.
  (iii) Where an athlete has competed in more than 2 events, the best 2 results (based on points) will be used.
  (iv) The points table will be used to select athletes after the automatic selections have been made.
  (v) Athletes selected under the automatic criteria are able to race in other selection races, but will not be awarded points. The points will be rolled down to the next placed competitor.
  (vi) Points will be awarded as per the results of the day.

4.  Where two or more athletes have achieved the same points, the athlete with the highest individual placings will be selected.

5.  The selection committee has the authority at its absolute discretion to make no more than one wildcard selection within each age category. (ie. one girl and one boy in each category). This discretion is provided to ensure School Sport WA sends its best possible team to the National Championships. Applications (in writing) for a wildcard position, including reasons why an athlete did not contest the selection events, must be submitted by Monday 13 December 2021.


All athletes who wish to be considered for a position in the team must notify the Selection Committee of their availability for selection on the appropriate application form (this includes athletes who satisfy automatic selection criteria). This nomination form must reach the School Sport Coordinator by Friday 10 December 2021. Application forms can be obtained from the School Sport WA website or from the School Sport Coordinator.


The SSWA State Team Selection Policy can be viewed in full on the School Sport Website: Please provide this information to your students entering the selection races.

The SSWA State Team will be announced on Wednesday 9 February 2022


Athletes who successfully qualify to represent Western Australia at the School Sport Triathlon Championships must travel with a UCI Compliant Bike and ride on UCI Approved Wheels.
School Sport Nationals will be DRAFT LEGAL for Intermediate and Senior Individual Age Groups.
Relay format for School Sport Nationals will be a 4-person relay and be DRAFT LEGAL for Intermediate and Senior Age Groups and NON DRAFTING for Juniors and All Age Relay Teams. Final format of Relay Teams is still to be confirmed. 



Up to 8 athletes will be considered for selection in each age category.
Age categories are as follows:

11 years (born 2010)
12 years (born 2009)

  • Age criteria for racing at the School Sport Australia Championships are determined as the age in the year of competition.
  • Team members are required to be a full time student.
  • Selected athletes will be required to travel and accommodate with a parent or nominated guardian.

Selection Criteria
Participation in the School Sport WA Aquathlon event at the Primary School Triathlon Championship is required for selection consideration.
Team selection will be determined as follows:

Athletes placing in the top 8 for their particular age group will receive automatic selection.  In the event that an athletes does not take up the offer to participate at the School Sport Australia event an offer will be made to the next highest placed athlete.

Immediately after the aquathlon event all athletes who place in the top 15, for their age group, will receive information about the School Sport Australia aquathlon event.  Athletes who wish to be considered for a position in the team must go to the School Sport WA website and complete the Interstate Aquathlon Nomination Form. 

The SSWA State Team will be announced on the SSWA Website on Wednesday 16 December