The School Sport WA (SSWA) swimming committee will appoint selectors to undertake the process of selecting the State team.

  Selection Process

  • Team selection criteria listed will be adhered to in all cases, except where exceptional circumstances may prevail.
  • Championship events will be listed on the SSWA website, once they are made available.
  • Ages are taken as at 31 December in the year of competition.
  • Ages 13-19
  • Prospective competitors MUST nominate via online form on the SSWA website.
  • Prospective team members must complete the official online nomination in full and submit on, or prior to, the prescribed date.
  • Late nominations will not be accepted.
  • Team selection will be based on Long Course times only taken from at (31 October 2018).  For non SWA times nominees may be asked to produce evidence of times. Times from SWA official events will be confirmed by the selectors after the close of nominations.  Hence they do not need to be entered, or updated if subsequent faster times are achieved.
  • SSWA reserves the right to limit the overall team size.
  • All swimmers will be considered for individual events,  consideration will also be given to the resulting full team size.
  • Team members will be required to adhere to all SSWA Policies and Processes.
  • Team membership offers will be made two (2) weeks after close of nominations.  Swimmers will then be advised of the procedures to be followed to formally accept such an offer.
  • A Squad announcement will be announced 2 weeks after close of nominations. Each swimmer is guaranteed 2 individual swims and 1 relay swim. Final event list will be realised 2 weeks prior to deposits due.
  • Should a team member withdraw prior to the Championship, the selections committee may select a replacement swimmer from the existing team or from other nominees.


  • Rules for Multi-class – Must meet a qualifying time of 150% of the World Record for their classification and event. Other times may be considered, but not necessarily accepted