The State Schoolgirls and Schoolboys Netball Team will consist of a balanced team of 12 players.

In order to select the players for the team the following will apply.

  • Players must advise their school administration of their intention to attend trials.
  • The nomination form and payment is to be submitted electronically by the due date – no late nominations will be accepted
  • The State Team Manager shall administer the selection process.
  • A minimum of six selectors are to be at each preliminary trial.
  • The State Team Coach, a representative from WA Netball and one other person appointed by the State Team Coach shall be the main selectors.  The Team Coach shall appoint other Selectors as appropriate. A minimum of 2 selectors per court shall be used for all trials.
  • No selector shall be involved in the selection of any player who is directly related to them.

Trials Specific Information

  • Two Preliminary trials will be held followed by two main trials. All players must attend one of the Preliminary Trials. Each trial shall consist of match play however trials may also incorporate skill drills.
  • At the first main trial the Squad will be announced.  Netball WA identified athletes can be invited to squad training. The Squad will then be required to attend a series of training sessions. Players must attend all training sessions.
  • At the conclusion of the final trial a team of 15 will be announced which includes the three train-on players. The number of players carried through from each trial to the next is at the discretion of the selectors.
  • Attendance at all trials is compulsory
  • Trials will be conducted indoors.
  • All athletes are required to wear a white singlet and black shorts. No Regional, Academy or WA State Netball shirts, singlets, shorts, jumpers or
    bags are to be worn/bought to trials – you will not be allowed to trial if you have the incorrect attire.
  • Attendance at all trials is compulsory unless exceptional circumstances apply and prior permission is sought wherever possible from the Coach.
  • In the event that an athlete is unable to trial due to medical reasons a Medical Certificate must be supplied with the injury type stated and dates relating to estimated return to the court.
  • Every endeavour shall be given to trialling players in their preferred positions.
  • Selectors reserve the right to trial players in equivalent positions.
  • Selectors shall consider all aspects of the game including (but not limited to) physical ability, skill, tactics and attitude.
  • Selectors shall reach decisions by consensus wherever possible. If consensus cannot be reached, a vote by the main selectors shall be held.
  • When selecting one player before another, selectors shall make an “on balance” decision, based on all the attributes and abilities shown by the players.
  • When selecting the final team of 12 players and the train-ons, selectors shall consider the balance of the squad in terms of positional play.

Team Selection
Selectors will announce the team of 15 players which includes the train-ons at the end of the final selection trial.


  • Prior achievements and accomplishments outside of trials and squad training may be considered.
  • Injured players may be given time to trial by being exempted from early trials or by being included in squads provided the time-line is sufficient to enable adequate preparation after selection. Once a team or squad is selected, attendance at training is compulsory.  Sick or injured athletes must attend all training sessions.  If players cannot attend due to extraordinary circumstances the State Team coach must be notified 24 hours before the training session.  If a continual absence from training occurs consultation will take place between player and coach as to their commitment to the team. If consensus cannot be reached, the sport convenor of SSWA, parents and manager shall be consulted.  If consensus still cannot be reached and the player is not complying with the requirements of training the player will be cut from the team and the train-on will take their place.
  • Athletes must be punctual to all trials and sessions.
  • All team members and their parent/guardian are required to attend an information session at a nominated place and date and comply with the directives issued prior to team membership being confirmed.
  • Students who turn 11 in the year of competition and who are selected in the final team must be accompanied to the event by a parent or nominated guardian even if the student stays in the team accommodation.
  • All team members are to be fully fit one week before Nationals. A player unable to participate will be replaced by the train-on.
  • Final player selections will be at the discretion of the coaches.

Medal Winner Policy


  • Player deemed to have displayed perseverance, commitment and team spirit, as voted by team officials and/or players.