The State Schoolboys and State Schoolgirls Football Team will each consist of a team of 16 players. Students participating in the School Sport Australia Boys Championship will be sixteen (16) years and under on December 31st of the year of the Championship. Students in the School Sport Australia Girls Championship will be eighteen (18) years and under on December 31st of the year of the Championship. Any full time secondary or TAFE student attending a recognised educational institution is eligible to nominate for selection. Online nomination forms are available on the School Sport WA website

In order to select the players for the team, the following will apply:

  • Players must complete the official SSWA nomination form found online at
  • The nomination form is to be submitted electronically ASAP.
  • Players must pay the required trial fee at the time of nomination.


  • The State Team Coach shall administer the selection process.
  • The State Team Coach and Team Manager shall be the principal selectors. This does not preclude the coach from seeking additional selectors outside of this group for all or parts of the selection process.
  • Selectors shall reach decisions by consensus wherever possible. If consensus cannot be reached, the State Team coach has the responsibility of the selection call for this player.
  • No selector shall be involved in the selection of any player who is directly related to them.

Trials Specific Information

  • A number of trials will be held.
  • The number of players carried through from each trial to the next is at the discretion of the selectors.
  • Attendance at all trials is compulsory unless exceptional circumstances apply and prior permission is sought wherever possible from the Coach.
  • Every endeavour shall be given to trialling players in their preferred positions but selectors reserve the right to trial players in any position.
  • Selectors shall consider all attributes of the game including (but not limited to) physical ability, technical skill, positional and tactical sense and player attitude.
  • When selecting the final team of 16 players, selectors will be asked to consider the balance of the squad with reference to each player’s game attributes.
  • The State Team coach may advise selected players (that include country players) that they may miss certain trials or training sessions due to travel or other player welfare concerns.
  • The selectors reserve the right to bring players in at any stage of the selection, squad or team process.

Team Selection

  • Those players not selected in the final 16 may be given an opportunity to train on with the selected team. Training or playing on with the squad does not entitle players automatic selection should a player withdraw but will allow selectors to ascertain their current performances against the needs of the team.
  • Should a player withdraw and if time permits, the coach may contact one or more players to trial for the vacated position/s.
  • Players can be withdrawn from the selection process or team preparation phase at any time should a player
    • Represent School Sport WA in a negative manner.
    • Fail to comply with behavioural or attendance team standards.
    • In the weeks after selection due to an injury or condition, they are not able to perform to the required level of participation for their team role they have been elected for.
  • Injured players may be given exemption from trials and may be asked to continue into the squad phase provided the timeline is sufficient to enable adequate preparation after selection.
  • Once players are named in the final 16 State team they must pay all deposits and fees applicable in the time frames agreed upon.
  • If a player from within the final 16 is asked to withdraw or does so voluntarily this may not entitle them to a full refund of any fees paid to date and contact with the SSWA office will need to be made.
  • All team members and their parent/guardian are required to attend an information session at a nominated place and date and comply with the directives and policies issued prior to team membership being confirmed.

 Sick/Injured, Absent or Misbehaved players

  • Sick or injured athletes may be required to attend all selection, squad or training phases.  This needs to be negotiated with the coach.
  • Once a player is included in the squad or team phase attendance at training is compulsory.
  • If players cannot attend any form of SSWA team training or requirement
    • The State Team coach must be informed of any school, family, work and club commitments that clash with this agreement ASAP.
  • At this time an on balance decision will be made by the coach to release the player from this commitment:
    • The coach may agree that the player may miss a commitment but the player will be asked to attend the next available requirement.
    • The coach however reserves the right to request a player’s attendance and players must be aware that their request may be denied. Should a player feel aggrieved with this decision they can consult the State Team Tour leader to look into their appeal.
  • If a continual absence from SSWA team training or requirements occurs players may be asked to be removed from the squad or team lists. Parents will be informed of this decision.
  • After selection as one of the final 16 team members at any stage if a player is unable to travel or who cannot perform their role due to sickness or injury they can be replaced at the coach’s discretion.


  • Awards are granted to the following:
    • Captain/s
    • SSWA Medal winners
  • The Captain/s may be selected from lead up events to the National Championship and will express the leadership and attitudinal efforts required of a team leader linked to SSWA. The final selection may come from opinions expressed by the:
    • The players themselves
    • The coaching staff and tour manager
  • The SSWA Medal winners will be an accumulation of votes/opinions given to players across the National Championship that reflect on and off field performances. These votes/opinions may come from one or more of the following:
    • The players themselves
    • The coaching staff and tour manager
    • Referees/Officials from other states
  • These votes/opinions are accumulated and may not reflect the National Team selection announcements.
  • Each team reserve the right to give additional awards based on their own team needs.