• School Sport WA (SSWA) participates in the School Sport Australia Combined Basketball Championships for 18 years and under and 12 years & under students.


  • 12 Years & Under – All players will turn 11 or 12 years of age in the year of competition. Students who turn 11 in the year of competition and who are selected in the final team must be accompanied to the event by a parent or nominated guardian even if the student stays in the team accommodation.
  • 18 Years and Under – All players will turn 18 years of age (or under) as at the 31st December in the year of competition.
  • Students eligible for selection in the state team must attend schools or Department of Education recognised educational institutions.


  • The positions of Coach, Manager and Tour Leader are advertised annually.
  • Appointed officials will be selectors.


  • Selectors meet to discuss selection criteria.
  • Selectors view potential players through Basketball WA events, school games and any other basketball activities.


  • Trial dates are determined by officials and SSWA.
  • Details and nomination form are posted on the SSWA website.
  • Basketball WA distributes information to all affiliated clubs advertising trial information.


  • Nominations to be completed online, forwarded to the Sports Coordinator or handed to team managers at the trial.
  • List of nominees is cross matched with attendance at the trial.


  • Trials are conducted at a nominated venue.
  • Selectors view players through a series of drills and game situations.
  • A train on squad is selected.
  • Successful players are notified at the completion of the trial.
  • Players injured or unable to attend the trial will not necessarily be omitted from the final team and may be invited by selectors to attend trials or squad training sessions at later dates.


  • After a set number of training sessions, the final team is announced.
  • A number of players may be invited to ‘train on’ as potential reserve players.


  • Selectors may advise players that certain squad training dates can be missed due to injury, travel or special commitments.
  • Players with school or Basketball WA commitments, and who have completed the required SSWA nomination process, may be included in squads as their commitment is completed.
  • Athletes who are in the Basketball WA Under 13 Future Development Program (FDP), and  have completed the required SSWA nomination process,  are not required to attend the initial trial
  • Should any player be ruled out prior to the Championship for any reason then a replacement player may be selected from the ‘train on’ group (dependent on team requirements).


  • Coaching staff vote after each game 3-2-1. Medal winner will be decided from this.
  • Separate players MVP – Players vote 3-2-1 after each game.