• The positions of Coach, Assistant Coaches, Manager and Tour Leader are advertised biannually
  • The appointed team officials form the selection committee
  • The Chairman of Selectors is appointed by the selection committee
  • Team officials may appoint other team selectors to assist on a needs basis

Prior to Selection Trials

  • Selectors meet to determine and discuss player selection criteria, structure of trials and timelines.

Trial Nominations

  • Trial dates are determined by the selection committee
  • Details and nomination forms are posted on the SSWA Website
  • Team Manager/Tour Leader sends an email to all schools and Junior Clubs advising them of upcoming trial dates and invites schools and individuals to nominate for trials on the SSWA website.

 Pre Trial

  • Selectors allocate nominees to specific trial games.
  • Nominees arrive at trial games and are allocated a jumper by the selection committee.
  • Risk Management documentation is available to all trial participants and schools on the SSWA website

Selection Trials

  • All players are advised of selection criteria by coach or Chairman of Selectors prior to commencement of the trial
  • Selectors are allocated duties on the day by the Chairman of Selectors
  • Successful nominees are notified on the SSWA Website after the trial and invited back to the next phase of trial games.

Squad Training

  • After the final trial game is complete, selectors will meet and select a final team of 22-23 players who will represent SSWA.
  • The selection committee reserves the right to select any number of ‘train-on’ players, who will train with the selected team, leading up to the national carnival.

Selection Policies

  • Players injured before or during the trial process will not necessarily be omitted from the final team and may be invited by the Chairman of Selectors to attend trials or training at later dates.
  • The Chairman of Selectors may advise country players that they can miss certain trials or training sessions due to travel concerns.
  • The Chairman of Selectors reserves the right to select a player based on recommendation, who may not have attended the trial.
  • Should any travelling Squad member be ruled out prior to the Championship for any reason, then the replacement player would be selected from the ‘train-on’ players.
  • Selection in the 12 years and under teams is restricted to students who turn 11 or 12 years of age, on or before 31 December in the year of competition.
  • All SSWA teams are selected on merit according to the published selection process for that team or sport.

Updated January 2023 (specific to 12 years and under Girls AFL)

Medal Winner Policy

  • The player/players deemed to have perseverance, commitment and team spirit, as voted by team officials and/or players.