• The positions of Coach, Manager and Tour Manager are advertised biannually
  • The football committee appoints the team selectors at the first meeting held after the appointment of officials
  • The Chairman of Selectors is appointed by the football committee

Prior to Selection Trials

  • Selectors are allocated games to watch during the WAFL 14s Championships
  • Selectors meet to determine and discuss player selection criteria
  • A list of potential 14s State players (for the following year’s Team) from the championships is compiled
  • A recommendation sheet is distributed to WAFL 14s coaches and they are asked to submit their list of better players from the championships to the selection group

Trial Nominations

  • Trial dates are determined at the Football Committee Meeting
  • Details and nomination form are posted on the SSWA Website
  • Team manager sends an email to all schools and WAFL Clubs advising them of upcoming trial dates and invites schools and individuals to nominate for trial on the SSWA and State Schoolboys websites.

Pre Trial

  • Nominees are allocated to trial date and time by team manager
  • Confirmation of trial allocation and Risk Management documentation is posted to all trialists
  • List of nominees is cross matched against list compiled after the 14s championships and contact is attempted with those who have not registered.  Schools and WAFL clubs are contacted

Selection Trials

  • Trials are for boys all over Western Australia. Every attempt is made to balance numbers and allow for excess travel, injury and non ability to attend certain days.
  • Trials of up to 60 boys per trial are held each day. 
  • All players are advised of selection criteria by coach or Chairman of Selectors prior to commencement of the trial
  • Selectors are allocated duties on the day by the Chairman of Selectors
  • Successful trialists are notified on the SSWA website after the trial and invited back to a subsequent trial
  • At the fourth trial selectors pick a group of boys to attend further training.

Squad Training

  • After a set number of training sessions, the final team(s) is announced and a number of boys (usually 5-10) is invited to continue training with the team(s) in a “train-on” [emergency player] capacity. There is often a replacement player(s) required.

Selection Policies

  • Players injured during the trial process will not necessarily be omitted from the final team(s) and may be invited by the Chairman of Selectors to attend trials or squad training at later dates.
  • The Chairman of Selectors may advise country players that they can miss certain trials or training sessions due to travel concerns

Should any boy be ruled out prior to the Championship for any reason then the replacement player would be selected from the “train-on” group.

Registrations will remain open until the final camp is completed.

Medal Winner Policy

 The Medal winner will be decided by the team officials voting on a 5-4-3 – 2 – 1 system after each game. The player with the most votes at the end of the Championship will be named the Medal Winner. Awards will be given to the first three placegetters.