DHS Country Week Regional Representative Survey

This is a Regional Rep feedback form for the 2023

Business Arising from Regional Coordinators Meeting 9 December 2022.
If you have any arising from these minutes please detail here.
Business Arising from DHS Country Week Coordinators Meeting 12 October 2023.
If you have any issues arising from these minutes please detail here.
Are there any particular points you would like to raise or items that need to be actioned in regard to the School Coordinators Feedback Survey?
Do you have anything to report from your region?
Do you have any queries in regard to the DHS Country Week finances?
Are there any changes and/or additions required to the 2024 Main Bulletin? (If this section is left blank I will assume that you approve of the document to be uploaded onto the SSWA website)
If there is anything that you would like to raise from any of the General Business items or if you have any further feedback about DHS Country Week 2023 please do so here.