18s Boys Basketball Squad Announced

Congratulations to the following athletes for making it to the next stage of the 18 Boys SSWA Basketball squad.

Casey Houghton
Lokose Fastion
Alex Condon
Kaidon Sander
Luke Butera
Ryan Coutts
Jacob Heath
Cooper Mason
Blake Fido
Nathan Dray
Deekyn Finnamore
Andrea Violi
Riley Lenzo
Rhys Parker
Riley Lenzo
Jake Ashworth
Aluth John
Dylan Gilbert
Dean Supljeglav
Philip Gibaut
Calder Mohia
Isaac Dyson
Tyson Lane
Henry Counsel
Koby Weir
Griffin McGrath
Simon Slater
Rory Charles
Hayden Harwood
Tanner Vogel
Taj Parker
Tom Newson
Thomas Smith


Thank you to all those who attended the first trial. The selection process was made difficult due to the high level of play throughout the session.

Only the athletes selected are required at the next 2 trials sessions which will be held at Herb Graham Leisure Centre on Saturday the 24th April and 1st May 8:00 am – 9:30 am.

A reminder to all squad members that they require the following for the next session:
$10 for training (No Pay, No Train), water bottle, size 7 basketball, towel, light/dark reversible singlet.

Anyone unable to attend the above trial must contact Mike Ellis [email protected] or Seb Salinas [email protected] regarding your situation.

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