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Who to Contact

Position Name School Email
 Coordinator  SSWA  9264 5799
Office Contact  Peter Smith
 Convenor  SSWA  9264 5799
 State Sporting Assoc. Rep.  Kim Hynynen-Furler  6424 9090

Champion School Competition

NOMINATION DUE  2 March 2018
COST Free entry for nomination


Note: Entry costs at HBF Stadium:

$4  School Students – Competitors/Spectators

$4  Adult Spectators

All staff free [Schools are to inform HBF Stadium of their numbers on the day of the carnival and a tax invoice will be forwarded to the school]

DATE AND TIME OF COMPETITION Tuesday 13th March, 8:30am – 2:00pm

VENUE HBF Stadium, Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont WA
INFORMATION BOOKLET 2018 Information Booklet  – Click HERE

Pleas note that schools are required to bring volunteer Staff or students on the following basis:

• 5 students or less – No volunteers required

• 5-10 students – One volunteer required (Teacher or Senior Student)

• 10 students or more – Two volunteers required (Teacher and/or Senior Student)

EVENT PROGRAMS (Times are indicative only)

8:30-10:00am          Coaching Clinic

10:00-10:30am        Completion and submission of “Lists of Dives”


Secondary and Primary school events will be run concurrently


Primary School Event (North Side)

10:30-11:30am          Years 4 & Under – Warm-up (10mins) and Event

11:30-12:30pm          Year 5 – Warm-up (10mins) and Event

12:30-1:30pm            Year 6 – Warm-up (10mins) and Event


Secondary School Event (South Side)

10:30-11:30am           Junior Division – Warm-up (10mins) and Event

11:30-12:30pm           Inter Division – Warm-up (10mins) and Event

12:30-1:30pm             Senior Division – Warm-up (10mins) and Event


1:45pm                       Presentation of Champion Schools Trophies


HBF Stadium – Certificate of Currency – Click HERE

SSWA Confirmation of Cover – Click HERE to be updated 28 Feb

Risk Management General Guidelines Click HERE


Diving Champion Schools Nomination

Please complete the nomination form below by the due date.

This form is to be completed for each individual diver. Schools with large numbers of divers can email bulk entries to

Thank you for choosing to be involved in a School Sport WA Champion Schools event.

Click HERE to nominate

Results and History

Results and History

2018 41 competitors 2018 – Results
2017 11 Teams (6 Pri & 5 Sec)
42 Individuals
2017 – Results